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Scene from Persian mythology in Apadana Hall: Angra Mainyu kills the primeval bull, symbolizing Nowruz.

:: Cyrus Quotations ::

In the 6th century bc Cyrus the Great established the Persian Empire as the most powerful state in the world. It was influential in ancient times and then again in the Renaissance. It may have been composed in response to Plato’s The Republic, and Plato’s Laws seems to refer back to it. Here are some of Cyrus the Great quotations.

:: Check invented by Iranian ::
Greeks followed the example of these banks and similar institutions appeared there, particularly in the temples of Delos, Olympia and Delphia.  Professor Girshman adds: "how many financiers and bankers know, for example, that the word 'check' or the word 'avaliser' come from the Pahlavi language and were invented by Iranian?
:: Contributions of Iranian to the world civilization ::

 Professor Arthur A. Pope, the famous Orientalist, believes that the world owes its greatest industrial developments, in the early stages, to the Persian Civilization. Professor Kalamar of the Sorbonne University of Paris believes that: The Persian Civilization is the mother of all civilizations. Here are some of the most important contributions of the people of Persia or Iran, to the world civilization.

:: Khwarizmi ::

Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi was a Persian, astronomer, astrologer and geographer. He was born around 780 in Khwārizm(in ancient Persia, now Khiva, Uzbekistan). His Al-Kitab al-mukhtasar fi hisab al-jabr wa'l-muqabala ("The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing") is a compilation of rules for solving linear and quadratic equation.

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